Grilled Street Corn and Paradise Teriyaki Chicken

You know a dinner is a good one when you make it twice in a matter of three days! I first made this on Memorial Day for a barbecue we hosted with friends, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I made it again yesterday. The chicken is super easy and uses a store-bought marinade so it is absolutely going in my rotation for quick and easy weeknight meals.


This is what makes the chicken! Put half a jar in a gallon ziploc bag with a few pounds of chicken thighs and let marinate all day (or as long as possible). Reserve the remaining sauce and pour it over the chicken after it’s grilled.




Have you ever tried Mexican street corn before? Holy cow it’s my favorite way to eat corn. This recipe is my spin on it, and it always gets annihilated by my husband, kids, and friends. I know you’ll love it too! And feel free to get creative with it, some jalepenos would be delicious, as well as an avocado cream or sour cream.

To grill the corn, start off by peeling back the husks–carefully, don’t remove them completely! Underneath the husks are the stringy silks, remove those. Then, cover the corn back up with the husks. Let them soak for a few minutes in water and then place right on the grill.




The husks will definitely char up or even burn a little, but inside the corn will be getting nice and soft. It takes about 20-30 minutes on medium/ medium high heat for the corn to be ready.  (and don’t mind the dirty grill, I moved the corn down where the chicken was after it was done…ha!)



Once the corn is soft on the inside, remove from the grill and peel off the husks. Take a sharp knife and cut the corn off the cob. (plates are from target and are PLASTIC! A definite must for outdoor dining.)



Finally, add your toppings and enjoy. This is packed with so much flavor! This is a great summer side dish. I hope you make it and love it!



Grilled Street Corn

Recipe by Parsley and Pepper


Corn on the cob, silks removed and husks on



1/2 T Mrs Dash Lime Fiesta

2 T Butter

Fresh Lime

Salt and Pepper



Start by soaking your corn in water for a couple minutes. Place on a medium heat grill and grill until corn is soft, about 20-30 minutes, rotating frequently. Meanwhile, combine 2T softened butter with Mrs Dash Lime Fiesta seasoning. Peel back husks and cut corn off the cob with a sharp knife. Add your toppings to taste and stir to incorporate.


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